Cyprus: Anti-torture experts warn authorities over police abuse and

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The use of handcuffs should be justified, but it does not always happen. In 1981 there was a referendum for abrogating it, but it failed. In some jails there are unheated sections. In 2011, at the core of the economic crisis, robberies have increased of 15 with respect to 2010 and house thefts. The administration must inform the Municipalities in order to set special polls. Associazione Antigone Onlus Via della Dogana Vecchia, Roma Tel., Fax Prev. What is it used for (for example, punishment, protection etc.)? Whenever circumstances allow, can prisoners be authorized to leave prison, either under escort or alone, in order to visit a sick relative, attend a funeral or for other humanitarian reasons? The quality changes from jail to jail. The administration of some metropolitan jails maintains that they can no longer keep them in separate sections.

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Available in: EN FR CPT publishes highly critical report on prisons in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The report recalls that since 2006 the CPT has repeatedly highlighted certain fundamental structural issues, such as a lack of policy on how to manage complex institutions. Legal advice, contacts with the outside world, prison regime. If possible, please specify which kinds of sanctions (fines, suspended sentence, imprisonment, etc.) are most applied. Number of female juvenile foreign inmates: the datum at December 2012 is not available up to now. On the whole, the number of crimes reported to the authorities has increased.4 (murders are stable around 500-550 for year, while during the Eighties were around.000). Nowadays, because of the lack of funding, this happens very rarely. The law states that untried prisoners should be kept separated from sentenced prisoners and hosted in specific sections or jails (case circondariali). To this end, it examined the treatment of persons detained by the police (including immigration detainees) and the safeguards offered to them. Of female foreign prisoners of the total number of female prisoners: 40,22. In addition to losing years of their lives inside, many find it difficult to find work in the outside world because of the enormous stigma associated with jail time.

Harrowing photos from inside Filipino jail show reality of Rodrigo

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