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Dunnet Bay Salmon scotland,.K. We have our own vessels, refrigerating plants and processing factory. Products include Black Sea sprat or whitebait (Sprattus sprattus) Black Sea topshell, Salted, marinated and smoked seafood, fish preserves. AndyLynn Boats USA - We own and operate twelve vessels ranging in size from 40-110 foot.

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We catch, process, market, and export Headon Brown shrimps. Persian Gulf Lantern Fish Fishing Cooperative Co Group 4585 iran - Producer of Ribbon Fish, Cuttlefish, Shark, Sea Shrimp, Farm Shrimp, King Fish, Queen Fish, Eel Fish in Iran. A land rooted in ancient cultures, authentic soul, where past learning informs contemporary vision.

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United Arab Emirates luxury hotels and residences, a family of ideally-located properties and event venues.

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