DIY Painting Tips, Tricks, and a Step-by-Step Guide

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You can quickly and easily make your very own Under Cabinet Spice Jar Organizer and mount it yourself in a jiffy following this awesome tutorial from Reality Daydream! Are you short on kitchen storage? If you want to use tape, buy painters tape (its usually blue or green, and marked as such).  Love this idea from kitchn : Create a hidden charging station! Its also a must when painting exposed woodwork, and there are many primers that adhere to glossy surfaces (allowing you to skip sanding first). Its easier to hold, and decanting paint will keep the can free of the impurities (dust, wood particles, etc.) that your brush may pick up as you work.

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My dad was a handyman, and I grew up helping him.   Line your fridge shelves with wax paper, cling wrap or press n seal!  Awesome ideas and tips from I Heart Organizing Awesome idea via BHG Use old CD racks and DVD towers to keep those annoying tupperware lids organized and in place in drawers and cupboards! Smooth the brush into shape and then let it sit to dry completely. If you like to keep your cooking utensils handy or just srsly dont have squat for drawer space at least make your countertop storage pretty! Ive painted my home from top to bottom, as well as the houses and apartments of countless other people. My preference is to paint the trim first because I find that I can get a cleaner line when I cut in to paint the walls. Awesome idea via the36thavenue to make those all too often spills easier to clean up! Then I move left or right to the next section, always remembering to keep a wet edge and working from dry to wet.

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